Why Palm Beach Florida Attracts International Buyers of Luxury Properties

Why Palm Beach Florida Attracts International Buyers of Luxury Properties

Luxury Palm Beach Properties

Luxury Palm Beach Properties

A Vacation home in Paradise

Looking for a Palm Beach luxury home or perhaps one of the many luxury Palm Beach condominiums as a vacation home in the United States where you can relax, shop, and enjoy warm weather year-round? Perhaps a luxury Palm Beach condominium overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or a Palm Beach luxury home on the Intracoastal? The Island of Palm Beach, Florida is a waterfront paradise with gorgeous architecture, unique sights, and multitudes of enjoyable shops and boutiques as well as majestic intracoastal properties and beachfront mansions. Living in Palm Beach guarantees a beautiful and relaxing lifestyle in a constantly comfortable climate that is also home to many fashionable and upper-class people.

Tired of ice-cold temperatures, sleet, and snow?

A Palm Beach luxury home will keep you in comfortable weather for most of the year. Residents of Palm Beach Florida enjoy genuinely nice temperatures year-round. Rarely going below 65 degrees in the winter months and heating up to the 90s in the summer months, the weather can be counted on as never bitterly cold or uncomfortable. International visitors and International buyers of Palm Beach luxury homes and vacation homes that are used to chilly and dry temperatures in their home countries, thoroughly enjoy Florida’s warm, balmy air. In addition, as the Town of Palm Beach is right on the Atlantic Ocean, sea breezes are common, cooling residents and visitors on even the hottest days. Residents and visitors to Palm Beach Florida can easily walk from their luxury Palm Beach condominiums or vacation homes to local restaurants and shopping.

Fascinating Historical Sights and Architecture

One of the premier sights in Florida is the Flagler Museum. The Flagler Museum is a mansion that was built in 1902 by Henry Flagler, founder of Palm Beach and an extremely wealthy tycoon. The mansion, Whitehall, was a wedding present to Flagler’s wife. A national historic landmark, this museum is open to visitors for tours and exhibits, and is also a common spot for fancy galas and balls.

Palm Beach Florida is home to another historic landmark – Mar-A-Lago. Mar-A-Lago is an enormous premier estate property that typifies that luxury Palm Beach Real estate landscape, and was built in 1924 for Marjorie Merriweather Post and her husband. She was the founder of Post Foods and one of the wealthiest women in America. Now owned by the renowned Donald Trump, Mar-A-Lago attracts some of the wealthiest people from both inside and outside the United States. Mar-A-Lago has 58 luxury rooms that can accommodate guests, and an extraordinary ballroom that consistently hosts the International Red Cross Ball and other significant galas.

Worth Avenue Palm Beach

Worth Avenue Palm Beach

Enjoy Shopping and Activities

European visitors to Palm Beach will find that they can shop for quite a bargain compared to what they’re used to! Palm Beach Florida has many reputable shopping districts where people can save money on designer clothes, jewelry, and much more. The most well-known shopping district in the area and probably in all of Florida is Worth Avenue. Worth Avenue is often referred to as the Rodeo Drive of South Florida due to its many upscale shops and boutiques. Shopping fanatics will fall in love with Worth Avenue’s 250 shops; the shops include Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Saks Fifth Avenue. While shopping in the area, dine at fantastic restaurants, such as Bice Ristorante, The Breakers, and the lovely Taboo restaurant. Window shoppers will love simply strolling through the district, taking in the attractive architecture and gardens. There are even Historical Walking Tours on Worth Avenue directed by historian James Ponce, who impersonates Henry Flagler during the tour, which provides an entertaining view of the architecture, style, and history of the district.

Palm Beach Golf Communities

The Town of Palm Beach also has an incredible golf course itself: the Palm Beach 3 Par Golf Course, which is bordered by the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. Come and experience the beautiful landscaping at this 18 hole championship golf course, built in 1961 and now owned by Hall of Fame PGA Tour Golfer Raymond Floyd. The golf club is complete with lessons and other amenities, and there are occasional golf tournaments for residents and visitors to enjoy. Numerous other Palm Beach golf communities and country clubs are there for the international visitor, vacation home and luxury Palm Beach condominium buyer to enjoy including Old Palm Golf Club, Frenchman’s Creek, BallenIsles, Admirals Cove, Bears Club, Ibis Country Club and PGA National to name just a few that populate the Palm Beach Florida landscape.

Nearby Thrills, Theme Parks and Attractions

Residents of Palm Beach Florida know that there are more exciting attractions just a short drive away. Theme park lovers will be thrilled about living so near to Orlando, where Disney World and Universal Studios are located. Orlando is also a great place to stop in to see the incredible ocean wonders of SeaWorld, and those with a love of water-play will be in heaven at any of the many waterparks in the Orlando area. Visiting South Beach is just a little over an hour drive from Palm Beach. South Beach is famous for its nightclubs, high fashion, art deco district and enormously diverse population. With hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels, South Beach attracts multitudes of people from all over the world. For those that live in Palm Beach, this type of excitement is always just steps away.

Proximity to Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal waterways

Central to Palm Beach is the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. Resting right on the Ocean and bordered by the Intracoastal Waterway, Palm Beach Florida is a small coastal town in which the ocean is always only a short walk away. No matter where you live in Palm Beach, you can take a brief stroll from your luxury Palm Beach property to the beach to enjoy the crisp sands, cool breeze, and calming surf. For many, this is one of the most supreme of advantages of luxury living. Having the ocean nearby and available at every moment is a rarity in many countries in Europe and here in the United States. Perhaps there is no greater advantage than simply that – waking up every morning to the salty air and the crashing waves, and having the knowledge that one step away – is paradise.

Luxury Palm Beach Condominiums

Luxury Palm Beach Condominiums

Luxury Palm Beach Condominiums and Luxury Palm Beach Properties

No visit to the Island of Palm Beach is complete without driving Ocean Boulevard and the coastal road that traverses the Intracoastal waterways and Atlantic Ocean, viewing the magnificence and opulence that luxury Palm Beach Properties has to offer. One of the reasons that Palm Beach Florida is generally recognized as one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous is the majesty and extravagance of luxury Palm Beach property and Palm Beach luxury homes. Intracoastal properties, Oceanfront mansions, luxury Palm Beach condominiums and premier estate properties that straddle both the ocean and intracoastal – it is not difficult to appreciate why Palm Beach attracts second home buyers and vacation home buyers to our shores.

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