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Lighthouse Point: Exclusive Intracoastal Living in Lighthouse Point Florida

What are you looking for in one of the many Lighthouse Point homes for sale? Something regal and extravagant or something small and tasteful? Lighthouse Point Florida is a varied community that has both types of these luxury homes and condos, but above all else, what defines Lighthouse Point Real Estate, Lighthouse Point Condos and luxury Lighthouse Point premier estate properties is their proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway. Waterfront real estate in Broward County has no equal!

Lighthouse Point Florida is located in Broward County, just West of Hillsboro Beach on the Gold Coast of South Florida. It is a small, exclusive community of luxury premier estate properties that skirts the Intracoastal Waterway, separated from the Atlantic Ocean only by the thin, coastal dermis of A1A. The town takes its name from the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, which is located to the North of the city in Hillsboro Beach. The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse can be seen from up to 28 miles away, and is a hallmark of the type of small seaside-town living that Lighthouse Point offers. Lighthouse Point Florida was incorporated into Broward County in 1956 as a small community of 600 residents. Lighthouse Point still strives to remain small and exclusive to this day, offering some of the most unique and high-end luxury premier estate properties and intracoastal estates in South Florida.

Lighthouse Point is a Florida Sportsman’s Fantasy

From their backyards, owners of Lighthouse Point Real Estate, including Lighthouse Point condos, enjoy views of the Intracoastal, frequently sighting manatee and other rare species traversing their backyard waterways. Over the years, Lighthouse Point Florida has developed a culture based on leisure. Fishing is the preferred hobby of the city’s residents, most of whom are luxury boat owners. Within Lighthouse Point itself there are many bait and boat repair shops, as well as a large district of yacht and boat brokerages located just to the West of Lighthouse Point, in Pompano Beach.

Most luxury Lighthouse Point premier estate properties and intracoastal estates enjoy the additional amenity of private dock space. If you are the type of person who has the sudden urge to jump on your boat and impulsively chase down a school of tarpon after a long day of work, then Lighthouse Point real estate and the Lighthouse Point lifestyle are a must for you. Lighthouse Point Florida is a place of excitement. Its residents will tell you that there is nothing like the feeling of knowing that access to the ocean is just a few feet from their backyard. Lighthouse Point Condos and Lighthouse Point Apartments, for example, come with a sense of pride in the knowledge that only an elite few are able to enjoy the opulence and splendor of such a scenic coastal town.

The Lighthouse Point lifestyle and strong leisure culture is rooted in the city’s maritime history. Constructed in the 1920′s, Cap’s Place Island Restaurant is a gourmet local sea-food restaurant with humble beginnings as a bootlegger’s dropping-off point and local speakeasy. The restaurant is still open to this day, accessible only by a private shuttle that ferries residents to Cap’s exclusive island location. Cap’s Place remains as a historic artifact of the type of coastal city that existed in Florida in the early 20th-century, and juxtaposes Lighthouse Point’s scenic past with its luxurious and modern present.

A Sense of Community amidst Luxury Lighthouse Point Premier Estate Properties

Lighthouse Point is a luxury community of premier estate properties – a unique locale for waterfront Broward real estate owners, but not so big that its residents don’t enjoy treating one another to scenic boat trips on the weekend. Because of the shared interests of most of the city’s high-end residents, Lighthouse Point is a town with a strong sense of community, and an excellent place to raise a family, and indeed these two examples are just some of the attractions to the Lighthouse Point Lifestyle.

Lighthouse Point and the surrounding areas of Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach are home to a selection of distinguished private, public, and parochial schools, always an important consideration for a family looking to purchase of the many beautiful Lighthouse Point homes for sale.

Lighthouse Point has five public parks for its residents to enjoy. Dan Witt Park, a six acre recreation area complete with basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields, is renowned for its popular Summer Day Camp program, which attracts parents and children from all over the surrounding communities.

How do you define luxury? What do you want out of your home? Are you attracted to the Lighthouse Point Lifestyle? These are the kinds of questions we at Palm Beach Premier Real Estate like to ask our clients. Palm Beach Premier Real Estate is dedicated to getting you into the home that best suits you. If the Intracoastal community of Lighthouse Point Florida seems befitting for you and waterfront Broward real estate is what you are specifically looking for, then call us today to see one of our many Lighthouse Point homes for sale. Palm Beach Premier Real Estate specializes in luxury Lighthouse Point premier estate properties and Lighthouse Point Condos.Of particular interest in this waterfront Broward real estate marketplace is the availability of Lighthouse Point short sales and Lighthouse Point foreclosures and has become a niche area of our real estate brokerage. Whether our clients are selling, looking for our guidance and assistance with a Lighthouse Point short sale, or looking to buy one of the many Lighthouse point homes for sale or Lighthouse Point foreclosures, our Luxury Real Estate Team team have the expertise you need.

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