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Ocean Ridge: The Florida Dream Realized

Serenely located on Florida’s luxurious Gold Coast, Ocean Ridge is a small yet breathtaking coastal town that is East of Boynton Beach. Ocean Ridge overlooks the scenic Atlantic Ocean, and most of the Ocean Ridge premier estate properties and luxury Ocean Ridge Real Estate are located directly on the waterfront. The area of Ocean Ridge was incorporated into Palm Beach County eighty years ago, and since then it has consistently held a low population (below 1,800), and remains an exclusive and aristocratic community of South Florida’s most prestigious and affluent.

In Ocean Ridge, the beach unrolls before your eyes as miles upon miles of emerald green waters and crystalline sand. The waters of Boynton Beach are some of the most coveted in South Florida, praised for remaining refreshingly cool all throughout the tropical year. Spending a day on the private beach of a luxury Ocean Ridge real estate home will make you feel as if you are stranded on a paradisiacal tropical island. Ocean Ridge is among the most private and exclusive townships in South Florida.

Ocean Ridge Luxury Waterfront Living

Owning Ocean Ridge real estate or indeed, one of the many Palm Beach intracoastal estates or Ocean Ridge Condos says something about you. It says that you are among the most affluent and prestigious in Florida. It says that you can appreciate lavishness as well as natural beauty. Ocean Ridge represents some of the finest Luxury Real Estate in Palm Beach County Florida.

What kind of Ocean Ridge homeowner do you want to be?

At Palm Beach Premier Real Estate we believe that a home speaks volumes about its owner. A home isn’t just a piece of property, but part of the owner’s identity and reputation. Are you somebody that…

Appreciates lavish Floridian architecture as well as natural tropical beauty?

Does not mind spending a little bit more to ensure that you receive the best the market has to offer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be interested in luxury Ocean Ridge Real Estate. Ocean Ridge’s prime location places it within a short distance of Palm Beach International Airport, Delray Medical Center, and a wide selection of private schools and academies. Ocean Ridge Condos are highly sought after and there are numerous Palm Beach mansions for sale as well as Intracoastal estates that may tempt and attract.

Why Ocean Ridge?

Ocean Ridge is one of the most exclusive and sought after destinations on the East coast of Florida. The natural beauty of Ocean Ridge Florida is enough to entice any visitor, but very few are able to enjoy the tropical luxury of Ocean Ridge year round. For many South Florida residents, Ocean Ridge is the only town worth living in in South Florida.

Everyone knows that the best real estate in Florida is located on the Gold Coast, specifically beachfront luxury Real Estate in Palm Beach County Florida. Ocean Ridge Florida is an entire community of luxury Ocean Ridge premier estate properties, all of them situated on the beach, or just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Ocean Ridge is home to many luxury apartments, Ocean Ridge condos, and beachside Palm Beach mansions for sale. All of these premier estate properties are located within the sanctuary of Ocean Ridge’s lush green vegetation, private and exclusive neighborhoods, and coastal magnificence.

Sublime Shopping and Dining in Ocean Ridge

Luxury Ocean Ridge real estate provides a number of amenities that many other Palm Beach communities do not offer. Ocean Ridge premier estate properties enjoy an intimate proximity to the Atlantic coast, as well as the Intracoastal, providing many Ocean Ridge homes with their own private dock space. The unique location of Ocean Ridge Florida, located on a small strip of A1A, provides privacy and security that is unparalleled in any other luxury South Florida community. The private location of Ocean Ridge has allowed small business to flourish, resulting in the area of Ocean Ridge being populated with many charming boutiques and high-end restaurants. Ocean Ridge’s many luxurious idiosyncrasies make it a prime location for Palm Beach real estate.

Ocean Ridge Florida offers the preeminent and adventurous lifestyle that every South Floridian truly desires. Ocean Ridge’s social scene is that of a premier country club. Its community of wealthy and accomplished professionals and laid back retirees prefer to keep Ocean Ridge small and peaceful. Cocktail parties, yacht outings, seaside brunches… Ocean Ridge residents spend their days in the comfort of upper class recreation and creature comforts.

At Palm Beach Premier Real Estate we love to show the most sumptuous real estate in the South Florida market, and represent a client base of sophisticated and wealthy professionals. If you are interested in seeing luxury Ocean Ridge real estate, then contact Palm Beach Premier Real Estate today.

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