We get Short Sales Approved

  • Are you having problems keeping up with your mortgage payments?
  • Are you hoping to avoid foreclosure?
  • Do you have questions about how to short sale your home?
  • Do you need immediate help understanding the differences between a foreclosure versus a short sale?
  • Have you been recently turned down for a loan modification by your bank or mortgage lender?
  • Are you fed up dealing with Bank Loss Mitigation Departments?
  • Do you want to stop worrying about your situation and have a team of short sale specialists simply take care of the situation?
  • And would you like to be able to buy a home again in the future without having a foreclosure on your credit report?

If any of those questions apply to your particular situation then please know that help is available to you and that you do not have to go through this alone.

You can avoid foreclosure and various options are available to you if you act quickly – if you are already behind on your mortgage payments the lender may have already started foreclosure proceedings – perhaps a Lis Pendens has been filed (otherwise known as a notice of a pending legal action).

We can help you Save Your Credit – A short sale with a full deficiency release will help you down the road – a foreclosure can haunt you and your credit report for many years to come.

Banks would rather not foreclose if they don’t have to – the foreclosure process is long and expensive and right now, they are more receptive than at any other time since the real estate market declined to encourage and promote short sales versus foreclosures – some banks are even offering homeowners cash at the closing table for successful short sales.

Bankruptcy is not a cure all and is not a solution for everyone.

Let us help you. Give us the opportunity to listen to your particular situation on the telephone – you don’t have to go through this alone – you do have options but you must act quickly

You can save your credit from the impact of a foreclosure and you don’t have to file for bankruptcy. If you do a short sale, you may be able to get the deficiency balance released. Our short sale specialists work with some of Florida’s leading Real Estate Attorneys that are familiar with negotiating deficiency releases.

We offer an absolutely FREE consultation and evaluation of your particular circumstances at no cost to you.

Our team of short sale specialists are here to help you stop foreclosure today.

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