5 Ways to Combat Food Waste at Your Palm Beach Home

Combat Food Waste with a Kitchen Compost Pail

Food waste is a big problem around the country, although it may seem like it’s isolated to your Palm Beach luxury home. The way most Americans shop has a lot to do with the food they throw away. Unlike cities and other countries where people shop daily for their nourishment and carry it home on public transportation or by foot, many Americans make weekly trips to the grocery store in their cars, filling them to the brim without a plan for what to do with it all.

The USDA recently conducted a survey highlighting the large amount of food that Americans waste each day. The number are shocking; up to 50% of all food purchased is tossed out. While a large portion of this comes from restaurants who supersize their portions, a lot also comes from families who take home more than they can ever expect to consume. Food has a shelf life, so despite your best intentions of meal planning for a month, know that you’re not alone when it comes to the fridge purge where most things end up in the trash.

So, how can you help combat the issue of food waste at home? Here are some ideas to help you eat what you buy!

Love Your Leftovers: Your freezer can be one of the best ways to combat food waste. Just because you cooked too much of something doesn’t mean you need to pour it down the drain or dump it into the trash. The next time you create a big batch of stew, freeze portions that you won’t eat immediately. And when you come home from a late night at work and are too exhausted to even think about making dinner, you’ll be happy that you did. This can also be a fantastic way to save money on eating out. More often than not, we head for a restaurant because we are out of ideas of what to prepare.

Shop with a Plan: Impulse shopping is the culprit for most of the food you will waste. Shopping when you’re hungry or distracted is the easiest way to spend way more money than you intended, and also to end up with food that you will ultimately throw away. Go into the market with a plan. Whether that’s a grocery list of items you have jotted down, or a more specific meal plan that details the ingredients you need, shopping this way will help ensure you shop for the things that you need.

Eat With Your Stomach: One of the reasons there is so much food waste in the country is because of the portion sizes we have all become accustomed to. Eating with your stomach means only taking what you’re hungry for. If it ends up that you’re not full, you can always go back for more.

Compost: Composting is a fabulous way to make good use of your leftovers. If you don’t feel like keeping something that you made, or you have table scraps, create a composting pile that can be used later in your garden. This will help keep your trash out of landfills!

Phone a Friend: If you have food left over that you know you won’t eat, try phoning a friend to see if they can take it off your hands. Whether it’s items from the cupboard or the other half of a pan of lasagna you made, most people will be very thankful for the thought and will likely take you up on the offer. You could also put up a post on Craigslist or Freecyle to see if there’s someone legitimately in need of the food you’re just planning to toss out.

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