Five Amazing Tech Systems for Boca Raton Luxury Homes

Five Amazing Tech Systems for Boca Raton Luxury Homes

Five Amazing Tech Systems for Boca Raton Luxury Homes

Advances in technology continue to get more and more amazing, and Boca Raton luxury home owners are stocking their houses with devices that offer convenience, form and function. Whereas luxury homes used to be judged by square footage and the number of fancy sports cars you could park in the garage, today’s Boca Raton luxury homes are packing with amazing technology systems that make life easier. Here’s a look at five of them!

RadioRA 2  Wireless Home Control System: Do you have an Apple iPad? If so, would you like to use it to control the lighting, curtains, or blinds remotely at your Boca Raton luxury home? You can with the RadioRA 2  wireless home control system. This state-of-the-art electronic system allows you control these home automation systems from anywhere in the world. There is also an integrated app that can be purchased from Apple App Store for just $19.99, as well as for Android devices from the Android Market.

Automatic Kitchen Drawer Openers: Hettich America is the brains behind the Automatic Kitchen Drawer Opener. It’s the perfect addition to your gourmet-inspired kitchen. It’s an ingenious creation that automatically opens kitchen drawers and provides you with ample storage space to store utensils and other kitchen accessories. You just touch anywhere on the front of the drawer, and with the help of an electric drive unit that is placed discreetly inside the cabinet, your kitchen drawers can shed their knobs and handles forever.

Waterproof TV: If you have stayed in a luxury hotel, you probably had a TV in the bathroom. There’s nothing like taking a hot soak in the tub while watching your favorite TV show, and now, Waterproof TV has created water resistant televisions that are designed specifically for the bathroom. One such product is the Aquavision 17″ Frameless Widescreen TV that comes with a HD ready LCD Panel as well as a full water-resistant remote control. The resolution is incredible at 1366 x 768, so if you’re looking for the latest in tech luxury, this is it.

Coolceil Radiant Chilled Ceilings: It gets warm in Boca Raton, so chances are, your air conditioning system gets a workout in the hot summer months. One way you can cut down your air conditioning usage is by using the Coolceil Radiant Chilled Ceilings from SAS International. These state-of-the-art ceiling panels are essentially made of water and eliminate heat transfer across a room. With no moving parts, it’s low maintenance and extremely energy-efficient too.

Control4 InfinityEdge 5” In-Wall Touch Screen: The Control4 InfinityEdge 5” In-Wall Touch Screen will turn the walls of your Boca Raton luxury home into the display of an iPad. With a 5-inch capacitive glass display, you can once again control your home automation systems wirelessly with an impressive resolution of 800×600.

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