How to Protect Your Palm Beach Home During a Hurricane

Hurricane Season Is Here

There’s no two ways about it. It’s hurricane season in Florida, which means it’s time to develop a plan should a hurricane knock at your Palm Beach luxury home’s front door. Most people wait until the 11th hour to start making preparations for a hurricane, and that’s usually much too late. While it may seem counterintuitive, you can forget about the following if a hurricane is approaching:

Rushing to a home improvement store to buy plywood for your windows

Taping up windows

If you’re waiting until a hurricane is nearly on your doorstep, it’s likely too late. However, with time and preparation, these are the best two things you can do.

Preserving the windows in your Palm Beach home is the best way to ensure you have a livable space to return to after the hurricane has passed.

Fortunately, radar systems are state-of-the-art and weather services can track hurricanes days before they’re a threat. Here are some ways you can protect your Palm Beach home in the days leading up to a hurricane!

Look around your home and your neighbor’s home for debris that could be sent airborne. Things like trash cans, planters, patio furniture, etc... should be put away where it’s not in danger of being swept up by the fierce winds. These projectiles have the biggest probability of coming through your windows and creating a real mess.

Purchase heavy plywood or metal shutters to protect your expensive windows.

Florida is hurricane territory, so it’s best to have these items on-hand well ahead of when the first weather report indicates a hurricane. Plywood should fit your windows exactly, and it must be firmly attached. Look for ¾” thick plywood and drill screw holes 18 inches apart all around it. Keep the other installation tools you need like a ladder and screwdriver near your window coverings so you’re not scrambling when you need to put them up.

When the weather is calm, remove weak or dead trees and limbs from your property, and ask your neighbors to do the same.

Are you in a flood zone? Establish this well before a hurricane rolls into town. If you are in a flood zone, you may have to evacuate with just a few minutes notice. So, have plans ready in case an evacuation is necessary. Plan out your route to avoid traffic, and establish how family members will contact each other. Prepare a “grab and run” kit with important paperwork like your homeowner’s insurance information, and any prescription drugs you rely on.

Create a survival kit with non-perishable food and enough water for a week. You should also have a first aid kit, battery-powered radio or TV, various flashlights, and spare batteries.

Establish which room in the house you will stay in should you become stuck and cannot leave. Obviously, a windowless room in your home is the best option, however, some people may not have one. If not, consider furniture that would be a good shield, like a large overturned table or heavy sofa.

Having an expert Palm Beach realtor on your side can make purchasing a Palm Beach property stress-free. Please contact our team of Palm Beach real estate agents if you’re interested in learning more about available homes for sale in Palm Beach County.

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