Staged Palm Beach real estate is more appealing to buyers.Once you’ve decided to enter the Palm Beach real estate market, you’ll have a lot of work to do to get ready. The first order of business is to deep clean, then consider whether you should do any updating. Talk to your real estate agent. Most people get the most bang for their buck with new paint and new fixtures, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Next you’re on to decluttering. As you decide what you can pack up or donate, you should also think about the feel of each room in your Palm Beach home. Is it clear what the room is for? Instead of an office/junk room/guest room, set up the room as an airy guest room. Or get creative and make it a yoga studio. Pay attention to how you feel in each room. You’re trying to create a feeling of calm, so buyers want your house.

Declutter and Stage Your Palm Beach Home So It Feels Spacious

Your agent may recommend that you have your home staged. What does this mean? Staging is simply arranging rooms so that they feel spacious, light, and comfortable. You can hire a company to do the staging. You can also do it yourself. Look online at design blogs to get ideas. Many people have rooms in their house doing double duty. We have a computer desk or piano in the living room, which also holds a large entertainment system. In practice, it works pretty well. But in photographs, the room is going to look jumbled and crowded. Make a decision about the purpose of each room and take out everything that doesn’t relate to that purpose. You can even take a few photos yourself to see how things look. Remember that most people start searching for Palm Beach real estate online, so the photos will do a lot of the selling for you.

The other thing to pay attention to is how the colors in the room relate to each other. The largest piece of furniture usually sets the tone. Find pillows and throw blankets that coordinate with your sofa, for example. Pretty lamps and nicely framed art will really bring a room to life.